Creating an opportunity for success after prison where one doesn’t currently  exist

A program of group therapy, individual case-management, transitional employment, and job placement

The Problem

The U.S. prison system is broken


Amount the U.S. spends on prisons each year


Increase in the prison population since the 1970’s


Percent of people re-arrested within three years of release 

Working with men at the highest risk of rearrest, we offer a proven model of prison reentry with a 78% success rate.

We combine four months of behavioral therapy, individual case management, and on-site transitional employment to create an opportunity for success after prison where one doesn’t currently exist. Every graduate is placed in a job with competitive wages, benefits, and potential for advancement.

Group Therapy

Three hours of group therapy a day to teach people the skills to make good decisions and manage difficult emotions.

Individual Case Management

Weekly meetings with our case manager play a critical role in addressing and overcoming barriers to success.

Transitional Employment

A temporary job in our in-house screen printing business where men apply the skills and knowledge gained in group therapy.

Job Placement

A permanent job with a company that pays a livable wage and benefits with the potential for growth.

A proven path to success 

Research demonstrates that people at-risk for re-incarceration need help developing the emotional regulation, coping, and problem-solving skills to effectively maintain employment over time. Turning Leaf’s 150-hour proprietary curriculum includes daily role plays in which students practice these skills in small classes with mentorship and guidance from the most credible of messengers: recent graduates who are now valued members of the Turning Leaf staff.

Check out the video to learn more about how we teach these fundamental skills.

“I’ve been going to prison my whole life, so I didn’t know who to ask for help. I went into the unemployment agency and they told me to sit at a computer and apply for a job. At 41, I’ve only had one legal job before, so I knew no one would hire me that way. Before I came to Turning Leaf I’d almost lost hope and went back to my old ways. Now I’m learning a whole bunch of stuff that I wished someone would have taught me when I was younger – like how to think in the right way and brainstorm all my options before making a decision. Turning Leaf is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.”


41 years old, juvenile prison at 13, adult prison at 19

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