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Learn About Our Approach

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Classroom Training

We train our student to learn skills that build the foundation of their success.  Daily classes improve coping skills to better manage risky emotions and situations.  All curriculum is based in concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy.  Skills are not just taught, but practiced and role-played. This takes time and repetition. Research demonstrates that individuals likely to re-offend need 150+ hours of skill based learning to adopt new thinking and behavior patterns.

In-House Employment

Students are hired to work in our full-service t-shirt screen printing shop. This job gives students access to legal income, a structured scheduled, an opportunity to build employment history and practice using the skills learned in the classroom in a supervised work environment. 100% of sales from the print shop are reinvested into growing the business to provide more jobs.

Job Placement

Students demonstrating skill competency are transitioned into competitive employment in the public or private sector.