Two New Faces in the Turning Leaf Print Shop

L-Beth Greene, R-Maura Langston

You may have heard our big news. Turning Leaf is opening our second location. The Print Shop is expanding to Columbia, SC next month, so our staff is expanding too. We have two new amazing team members helping to grow our screen-printing business and employ more men out of prison. 

Next time you call us about an order, you’ll chat with our new Director of Business Development, Maura Langston (R). Born in Columbia, but now based in Charleston, Maura knows a thing or two about sales. 

If you drop by our new location in Columbia for a tour, you’ll meet Beth Greene (L). We’re still shocked we found someone with a corrections and an apparel background to be Columbia’s Print Shop Manager. Sometimes you just get lucky. 

Beth Greene comes to us originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and although not a farm girl herself, her college roommate was a former Iowa State Dairy Princess. But that’s a story for another day. Beth felt called to criminal justice as a career, but when positions as a case manager at a prison and a probation officer left her feeling frustrated, she tried something new: screen printing! This was at the start of the Etsy DIY movement, and she made a successful career in the apparel industry.

Something was missing, though, and when Beth saw the opportunity to work with Turning Leaf as we open our new Columbia Print Shop, she leapt at it. We’re so glad she did. As we move into October and begin preparing our new location at 630 Blue Ridge Terrace in Columbia, Beth will use her combination of criminal justice knowledge and screen-printing skills as the Print Shop Manager (Columbia) to make the new shop a smashing success.

Maura Langston, on the other hand, grew up in Columbia but will be based out of our Charleston office. Maura graduated with a BA in Communications from The College of Charleston, then made waves in the local F&B industry selling beer for over a decade, working with companies like Lee Distributors and Steel Hands Brewing. Now she’s thrilled to use her sales talent to develop business partnerships for the Print Shops, knowing she’ll be making a difference in so many people’s lives.

As the Business Development Manager, Maura will be the new point of contact for all Print Shop customers, present and future.

And since we shared a random fact about Beth, we’ll include one for Maura as well. Maura has the world’s cutest, brownest, floofiest puppy in the world. We love Chai, and since Maura’s already lobbying for Turning Leaf dog clothes, who knows what the future holds?

Are you interested in hearing more about the Print Shop? Click this link to learn more about our mission. And if you’re ready to order custom-printed apparel, click here to get a quote today.

Training the New Clinical Staff

We take our responsibility to the men we serve seriously. They deserve the best. That’s why training staff to deliver high-quality services is one of our highest priorities. Now that our Columbia team has been hired, it’s all about getting them ready. Each afternoon at Turning Leaf, our new hires are coached by staff veterans. Role plays. Coaching sessions. Teach backs.  

The thing is, we’re not just training mental health professionals. We’re also training formerly incarcerated men – program graduates – to deliver our services. We believe that they are the most credible of messengers to show people returning home from prison that real change is possible.  These men are now learning how to teach the same skills that helped them change their mindset, and their lives. It’s more than inspiring. 

Program Director Justin Evans and Founder Amy Barch have been hard at work creating and delivering a hands-on, three-month training program for the new staff. “Our program is unique in some ways, but it’s also very straightforward,” says Evans. “We follow the evidence and use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Core Correctional Practices, both of which have been around for a while. But what we know, and what we try to stress in our training, is that the most important part of delivering these types of therapies are the relationships established between participants and staff. The potential for change is amplified in a trusting relationship.”

It’s Time for Back to School Swag!

Summer is over here in the South and the school bells are a-ringin’. At Turning Leaf, we know what that means: field trips, sports teams, and school spirit weeks are just around the corner!

If you are a teacher, administrator, coach, librarian, or are in any way in charge of children, this can be an overwhelming time of year. There are so many things to do! How can you possibly remember to order t-shirts for your next event?

We’re here to help! Take a look at our brand new online catalog to choose from hundreds of high quality products, then send us your artwork and we’ll handle the rest. Your order will be ready on time and will meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

Ask us about our campaigns so you don’t even have to collect money ahead of time!

We can’t wait to earn your business.

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Turning Leaf Founder Published in Stanford Social Innovation Review

 “Change is really hard, even under the best circumstances. People leaving prison attempt to change their whole lives with the cards stacked against them.”

So writes Turning Leaf Founder and Executive Director Amy Barch in an article published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) on July 7, 2021. The article, A Better Way to Keep People from Going Back to Prison, takes a look at what works at Turning Leaf and other re-entry organizations around the country with particular focus on the different ways Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is incorporated into the most successful programs.

While this is Barch’s first professional publication, it is by no means the first time she’s written about the challenges of re-entry. Since entering the field of prison reform in her early 20s, she’s spent countless hours researching and writing about the topic. The bespoke curriculum at Turning Leaf, which uses 25 life skills like “Setting Boundaries” and “Asking for Help,” was created by Barch. She has also written extensively about the early successes (and failures) of Turning Leaf at her blog.

“It’s an honor to be published,” says Barch. “It’s a validation of all the hard work we’ve done at Turning Leaf. When you launch a nonprofit with a clinical component, you have to be willing to change and grow. We’ve done that, and now that we’re putting in the work to prove our program is able to replicate and scale, it’s wonderful to have our accomplishments acknowledged by a journal like SSIR.”

Read full article at SSIR

Two program graduates hired to help open Turning Leaf: Columbia

When it comes to helping men out of prison find meaningful employment, we put our money where our mouth is. All program graduates are placed into livable wage jobs, but we also hire some of them too. In 2017, Aulzue “Blue” Fields became the first Turning Leaf graduate to join the team as a full-time salaried staff member. In January of this year, our Classroom Facilitator Winard Eady became the second. Blue and Winard’s success paved the way for two more men in their shoes to be given the same life-changing opportunity. Program graduates Deon Nowell and Lovan “Van” Green are the two newest additions to this tradition.

The weight of his role in helping create opportunities for these two graduates is not lost on Blue. “I feel like their big brother,” he says. “When I was hired, we didn’t know what it would look like to have a graduate on staff. We made mistakes, changed course a couple of times, and got better. When I saw the looks on Deon and Van’s faces, I know they’re as committed as I am to giving back to the community, especially the Turning Leaf community.”

Deon Nowell will take the role of Print Shop Manager in our new Columbia location. Deon enrolled in Turning Leaf in May of 2017 after President Barack Obama commuted his sentence. He took a particular interest in the screen-printing aspect of the program and was one of the few graduates who went on to work at another print shop before eventually deciding to launch his own screen-printing business. Now that work is paying off big-time. Deon’s always had a dream to work at Turning Leaf and help men as they transition from prison. With the opening of Turning Leaf Columbia, we have the perfect opportunity to bring him onto the team.

Also joining the Columbia team is Van Green, who will take on the role of Classroom Facilitator. Although Van has only been out of prison a short time, he captured the hearts and minds of Turning Leaf staff during his time in the program. A positive and inspiring presence, Van would arrive early and stay late. He could often be found mentoring new students and consistently pushed himself and others to make the most of their time at Turning Leaf. We are thrilled he’s agreed to move to Columbia and take on a critical role in the program’s expansion.

Deon and Van will officially join our team August 1. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates as we continue filling staff positions for our Columbia location.