Turning Leaf Design Contest!

At Turning leaf, we help formerly incarcerated men think and act differently through an intensive 16 week group therapy program. Our screen-printing business provides on-the-job training for our program participants so that they are eligible to move on to a full-time gainful job and remain crime free. When you support Turning Leaf, you’re  helping reduce crime in your community and transform lives.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Turning Leaf Design Contest! This contest is intended to spark interest with new and original designs for our retail screen-printing line. We want to do a featured design for the month of July to see what the community sees when they think of Turning Leaf and the work we do here. Please see the below requirements for the design contest, and if you so choose please email your submission to lsimmons@turningleafproject.com by Friday June 19th at 5:00pm EST.

  1. The design must be original – no trademarked art will be accepted without permission from the original artist.
  2. The design cannot have transitioning color. Screen printing uses spot-color, so each color must be separate from the next. See below for examples.
  3. The design must not be more than three colors total. Each color may be used in different parts of the design, but it must be limited to three.
  4. The design will preferably be in a graphic design format such as .ai or .eps; however, if it is hand drawn or in a different format we may be able to recreate it on the computer so please still submit!
  5. The design must have the words “Turning Leaf Project” located somewhere within it.
  6. The design details must be able to shrink/grow as the final image will be a maximum of 10″ wide and 12″ high. Images with too many fine details may be disqualified as fine details do not always come out well.
  7. Have fun with it!! We are interested in all designs that you think would look good on a t-shirt and/or tote bag!

Once we are able to review and choose the winner, we will send a notification out to everyone who submitted to let you know! The winner will have the opportunity to come to our print shop if they are able to and learn about what we do in our work with prison reentry as well as learn how to screen print. The winner will be able to print their design onto their own t-shirt and/or tote bag to take home with them. If the winner is not able to come to the shop, we will professionally print their shirt and mail it to them as well as do a virtual meeting and lesson about what we do here and screen-printing. We will also put a bio about the artist with the shirt design so that when people purchase their own product they will learn more about the winner and their art. The design will be sold throughout the country so the winner will have the chance to know that their art is having an impact!