A proven path to success after prison

A customized program of intense therapy and transitional employment

How we’re different


We only enroll men who are likely to be re-arrested.


We run more hours of group therapy classes for men out of prison than any other community organization in the country.


We specialize in working with a subset of the prison population – men who have street-level crimes related to money and violence.


We hire all our participants to work in our on-site t-shirt screen printing business for four months.


We have our own 150-hour proprietary curriculum designed specifically for the men we serve.


We don’t just make a job referral. All our graduates are placed into jobs with competitive pay and benefits.

Our return on your investment


Putting one person through Turning Leaf vs. the average prison cost of $31,000 per year


The percent of Turning Leaf grads re-arrested vs. the national average of 67%


The amount each Turning Leaf site saves the community per year

Hear about how we’re changing lives

We develop deep and caring relationships with the men in Turning Leaf. Trust builds over time and they begin to see that this isn’t just another program. As the men learn and practice a new way of thinking and acting, they realize that they can reach their goals and have hope for a better future.

Help someone stay out of prison in 3 easy steps

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3. Feel good about having a real impact on someone's life