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Hear from our Students

Men enrolled in Turning Leaf have spent the majority of their lives in and out of prison.  Listen to their stories about how they ended living a criminal lifestyle, the difficulties they face when re-entering society and the positive impact Turning Leaf has had on them.

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The Marshall Project: Training the Brain to Stay out of Jail

Growing up in public housing in North Charleston, S.C., in the 1970s, David Hayward was familiar with poverty, violence and loss...

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The US Department Of Justice:  Remarks By Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates

Bobby was only in his late twenties, but he had already spent much of his life in and out of prison . . .

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The Post & Courier: Hicks column:  Amy Barch is on a mission to stop crime, one criminal at a time

More than a quarter of the crime committed in Charleston County last year was the work of just 1,900 men . . . 

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The Post & Courier: 
A rehabilitation program that could become a national model

Shakiem Maxwell will tell you straight — he was headed down the wrong road, doing all the wrong things . . . 

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The Post & Courier: Getting National Attention For Good Reasons

There are about a dozen guys sitting in this room — some of them tattooed, some with long hair or dreads — talking . . . 

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The Post & Courier: Hicks column: Unless those at the top act, South Carolina prisons will perpetuate crime problem

South Carolina prisons are not rehabilitating criminals — they’re training them. In most of the state’s roughest correctional facilities...

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The Washington Post:  U.S. official says prison system’s best reentry program cut ‘dramatically’

The Justice Department’s second­-highest-ranking official said that the federal prison’s most . . . 

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The Huffington Post:  This ‘Crazy’ Plan Shook Up An ‘Old School’ Federal Prosecutor’s Outlook

Sean Kittrell has been a federal prosecutor for more than two decades. He packs a gun in Charleston, South Carolina, where he’s known as a . . . 

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The Post & Courier:  Hicks column:  Saying goodbye to the streets, and prison

Marty Hamilton has spent 30 years behind bars, and he's only 47 . . .

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