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Get Involved

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Help us change lives and restore hope.


Our goal is to reduce the re-arrest rates of our students by half.
But we can’t do it alone.

Sit in on a Class

Sit in on a class at our reentry center.

Come learn what the guys are learning. We encourage direct participation and can schedule a visit for you.

Host an event.

There is no better way to tell your friends about us. Take a deep dive into the root causes, challenges and solutions for successful reentry.

Host an Event
Hold a Supply Drive

Hold a supply drive at your office or school.

Grab a bin and give your coworkers a challenge. Contact us for a list of supplies needed.

Share Screen Printing

Spread the word about our screen printing business.

Share with your friends, your network and your business to help us grow ours. It’s as easy as clicking on one of your favorite social media buttons below.

Take your group on a tour.

Bring your group in for a tour. You’ll learn why we do what we do, sit in on a reentry class, meet staff, and take a hand at printing a t-shirt in our on-site screen printing business. This is a unique and meaningful company team building activity.

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Become a corporate partner.

Businesses benefit from low crime, a trained workforce and healthy families. Support our efforts to improve the local community.

Take the next step and get involved!